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House*Bang*Boom is fueled by my intensive drive for bringing a home from mundane to magical. House*Bang*Boom is a forum for exploring, testing, sharing ideas in all things domestic, with the overarching purposes of 1) keeping me from throwing a hammer through the wall and 2) making space more beautiful.

I entered into this endeavor as my mental state was already unraveling. It all started here. My name is Mandy Orozco and I am emotionally volatile. As long as I’m losing my marbles I might as well exploit myself for your benefit.

This blog may be a way for me to avoid medication. Worst-case scenario is no one reads along and I’m all-the-merrier because I’m going insane without witnesses. Best-case scenario is other people are following along and there are spectators watching the mental state rise and fall. Pros and cons on each side.

Think of following this blog as reading a live version of the Bell Jar, only focusing on all domestic regions that keep me either moving toward or away from medication: décor, style, cooking, cleaning, organizing, DIY, family dynamics, working from home, motherhood.

I am a grant writer and fund development consultant for nonprofits nationwide. I have a very supportive (and concerned) husband and two incredibly loving boys. I recently had the wind knocked out of me by seeing the little pink plus sign on a pregnancy test, which brings me to my third child, poor girl. Sometimes I feel like someone might as well jam a stick in the spoke of my bike.

Anything can happen here. Grab a drink (preferably loaded) and feel warmly welcomed.


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