F*ck it; I got this.


I decided that our bedroom needed a new light fixture. Our bedroom light was too dim but still maxed out on wattage, and I was on the hunt for a new fixture. I was considering one I liked from Home Depot with a Moroccan tile pattern.

And when I saw that Jessica Helgerson, my favorite designer, also used Moroccan-inspired accents within similarly traditional architecture, I was inspired and emboldened.



Photos copyright Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

And like most of my big ideas that aren’t urgent or necessary, my husband acquiesces financially and somewhat emotionally but isn’t thrilled to be a physical accomplice. Sometimes he has to help, like when I decide I need something in another room like now (!), and in my pregnant state he can’t possibly retain his married card and  let me move the thing myself. But in this case, with no heavy lifting, and with no particular knowledge in this area, he wasn’t jumping up to help. I’m pretty sure he was watching clips of Jimmy Fallen’s #Hashtags while I was risking myself and the baby.

As I called up to him from the bottom of the stairs that I was about to change out the ceiling light fixture, he yelled back, “You sure you got it?” Which in our household translates, “Oh good, I’m glad you aren’t making me do that. Just holler if you’re on fire or being electrocuted. I would hate to lose my unborn child because you *needed* to switch out that light fixture.”

So I called back, “I’m fine,” which translates, “F*ck it; I got this.”


So it went, without fire or shock.