Musical beds

Sounds pretty kinky. But it’s not like that. I hereby humbly confess that an unfortunate combination of my pregnancy and indecision has forced Josh and me to have slept in each of our four bedrooms. I just keep dictating yet another room change, hoping the next spot our bed lands will be its last. The past year has seen countless room configurations. Josh has been ever-so-patient with me.

Unfortunately, I’m not done yet. I want to upgrade from a full-sized mattress to something bigger. But the only room in the house that will fit a bigger bed is what I had previously dubbed the guest room. And since I’m too good to sleep on the air mattress (we tried it and it won’t suffice), I’m shopping for beds (and a mattress), hoping to make a good and somewhat quicker decision than I usually do.

Oh and to make this a little more challenging, I am trying to keep the bed cost under $1,000, and we need to get creative with fitting a mattress upstairs.

I keep warning Josh that we have yet another game of musical beds on the horizon.

He keeps looking at me as if to say, “Again? Just be sure it’s what you want.”

And I shoot a look back that says, “I’m never sure of what I want. Just move the f*cking bed.”

Here are the beds I’m eyeing [today].


West Elm’s Midcentury Bed Set Acorn


Restoration Hardware’s 19th C. Campaign Iron Canopy Bed


World Market Cute as a Button Bed


12 thoughts on “Musical beds

  1. They are so different, and for that the reasons I like them are different. Hard to narrow it down. What are you leaning more towards?

  2. They’re all beautiful! We spent a fair amount of money on our bed and I don’t regret it because it’s something I get to (or have to, if you get a bed you don’t like) look at everyday. We need a new mattress soon, which scares me to death. It’s a lot of money, and what if we hate it? I’ll have to figure out if you can return a mattress. I’m toying with the idea of a temperpedic bed (such rave reviews but I’ve never had one like it) or a Westin Heavenly Bed. I’m thinking of renting a room just to see if it really WAS heavenly sleeping on it, or if it was just heavenly being away in a nice hotel room : ) Any thoughts on mattresses?

    • Tami! I agree, a nice bed and mattress are priceless, because a bad bed and mattress could rob you of sleep, and like you said you look at it everyday. We too are in the stage of researching mattresses. I remember Theresa told me firm is good for the back.She also told me about the Heavenly Bed. And just the night before last I sat down on the Westin Heavenly Bed display at Nordstrom and was so very tempted to lie down right then and there to see what all the fuss is about (and if I happened to fall asleep on their display, all the better).

      What a great idea to get a hotel room to conduct an analysis of the bed! I might steal your idea. We are also contemplating a memory foam mattress (some people swear by those). Decisions scare me to death. You’ll have to let me know what you settle on.

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